Johaar movie review: a sad reality about the statue of unity.

Johaar (2020) movie review and rating.

Johaar (2020) movie review and rating.
Johaar (2020) now streaming on aha.
Cast: Esther Anil, Naina Ganguly, Ankith Koyya, 
Chaitanya Krishna. Easwari Rao.

Director: Teja Marni.

Language: Telugu.

Release date: 14 August 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 2mins.

Genre: Drama.
What’s there in this film?.

In Johaar (2020), the director Teja Marni did a bold attempt to describe the sad reality about the Statue of Unity, though there is no single word about that statue in this film we can relate that whole story with the statue of unity.
The multilayered script that revolves around the politics, sports, poverty and love. the whole theme of this film how the unwanted statues of politicians affect the life of normal people’s lives and how the politicians cheat the innocent people in the name of making everything right.

Though the story is guessable from the starting the storytelling is also not bad, they nicely portrayed how the smile in each face of the characters turns slowly into painful.

Most of the important roles of this film is played by newcomers who played small side roles in many films.

The acting of the cast is also an okayish one, Eswari Rao did a good job as always. Naina Ganguly did little bit overacting at first but eventually, that is also got it right. Chaitanya Krishna did a different and important role from his previous films, a good appealing performance.

Dialogues are also convincing and realistic, cinematography works pleasingly captured the coastal regions and the soundtracks contributes to the situation of the scene.

What’s not there in this film?.

The main negative of this film is the writer unnecessarily added some over exaggerating scenes in the good flow of the story for instance in one layer of the story the hero gets a job in a tea shop by making the tea from candy that was taken from the temple, you will definitely laugh for this cringy type scenes in many parts of this story.

Star performance:

It fits Easwari Rao and Chaitanya Krishna.

Because of their good appealing performance.


It is a multilayered one like the first layer is the son of the ex-chief minister wants to build a statue for the worth of 30billion for his dad.

The second layer is mom and daughter whose dad was dead because of kidney failure caused by polluted water in that area so that mom tries hard for money to run their day to day activities and also for her daughter who also has that disease same like her father.

The third is a story of one girl who born from a prostitute mother, she wants to become a doctor but her mom wants her daughter to be a prostitute like her.

The fourth layer is one freedom fighter runs a hostel for orphans, but that hostel was too old at the verge of collapsing, so he wants funds from the government for renovating that hostel.

The whole story is how that first layer story plays a vital part in each layer of this story.


 Johaar (2020) is a one-time watchable track only for those who love to watch the movies with desi multilayered script.

Johaar (2020) movie rating:

3/5 – Still have been nicer (by Movie Laundry).

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