Peninsula review: The trap in the name of a good film.

Train To Busan 2 | Peninsula (2020) review and rating.

Train To Busan 2 | Peninsula (2020) review and rating.
Peninsula (2020) by Sang-ho Yeon.
Cast: Dong-Won Gang, Jung-Hyun Lee, Re Lee,
Hae-Hyo Kwan, Min-Jae Kim, Gyo-hwan Koo,
Do-Yoon Kim, Ye-Won Lee, So-Yeon Jang,
Bella Rahim.
Director: Sang-ho Yeon.
Language: English.
Cinematography: Hyung-deok Lee.
Music Director: Mowg.
Release date: 7 August 2020.
Running time: 1hr 55mins.
Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller.

What’s there in this film?.

We know Peninsula (2020) is a sequel to a good film Train to Busan (2016) directed by Sang-ho Yeon.

The one-line story is a hero and his brother in law went to Korea infected with the virus in search of money, where they meet some of the abandoned non-infected people and then the story is how will they escape.

I don’t why there is so much of lower ratings in IMDB for this film, it may because of their graphic works, the fact is the story of this film is good at it’s best.

The plot is a little bit gripping though there are a few flaws in CGI works, the story draws the attention from the starting intro scene itself.

The acting of the cast is also not bad and not great, okayish acting, they did what is needed for the story mainly Dong-Won Gang and Do-Yoon Kim combo carried the story from the starting.

Cinematography works are above average with stunning eye-catching visuals of virus-infected Korea, I think it is only the satisfactory factor of this film, but not much, because it also ruined by poor graphic car chase scenes.

What’s not there in film?.

The first negative of this film is graphic works, there are many scenes that almost like a zombie game with poor graphics, firstly I thought maybe one or two scenes were so bad like that but after watching the whole movie I confirmed, peninsula (2020) is a kinda zombie game you have never played before.

Next drawback of this film is, there is no that many emotional or sentimental scenes compare to the first part, the whole film is an action genre with full of a car chase.

The whole story is predictable like we can guess who will die next, most of the car chase scenes of this film will remind as mad Max Fury Road, but the CGI works also not much to match with that film.

There is also many loopholes like I didn’t get how they got the petrol from the land that has been abandoned by the government for four years.

The zombies also seem like a powerless one compare to other zombie films like this.

Star performance:

It fits Dong-Won Gang and Do-Yoon Kim.

Because of their good combo and their acting.


Hero’s sister and her child died because of the virus infection in Korea, after which hero lives with his brother-in-law in Hong Kong.

Hero’s brother in law got a good offer through one gang, that offer is to get the US dollars in Korea that remaining or abandoned by the gang.

Hero’s brother in law also called hero to come with him for the money, in starting hero didn’t accept that but after that, for his brother In law, he agreed that assignment.

They also went to that infected Korea by some illegal ships, where they met some of the abandoned non-infected people and hero also decided to help them to drive out from that place.

Then the story is how they have escaped from that infected Korea.


An average film with a lot of loopholes, my thought about watching this film is, just don’t expect much thrills and emotions, just enjoy what you have, it is only if you wanted to watch this film.


Acting: 3.25/5.

Story: 3/5.

Cinematography: 3/5.

Music: 3/5.

Train to Busan 2 | Peninsula (2020) rating:

3/5 – still have been nicer (by Movie Laundry)

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