Project Power movie review: Nothing new the same mediocre superhero story.

Project Power (2020) movie review and rating.

Project Power (2020) movie review and rating.
Project Power (2020) now on Netflix.
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gorden Levitt,

Dominique Fishback, Rodrigo Santoro,

Courtney B. Vance, Amy Landecker,

Machine Gun Kelly, Tait Fletcher,

 Allen Maldonado, Andrene Ward Hammond,

Kyana Simone Simpson.

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Michael Simmonds.

Music director: Joseph Trapanese

 Release date: 14 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 52mins.

Genre: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, thriller.

What’s there in this film?.

Project Power (2020), it is quite similar to x men and marvel series in the plot like getting the superpowers from genetic researches of animals.

The one-line story is villain gangs kidnapped hero’s daughters to produce the pill called a power that gives a superpower for 5mins, after that how hero rescued his daughter this is the story of this film.

The fairest of this film is the cinematography and special effects of that superpowers, it just lit the screen, this is the only satisfying factor of this film, though the story is quite old.

The intro scenes of all characters is just enough to convey their good special effect works, it’s just outstanding one mainly that JosephGordonn Levitt intro and that colour-changing man.

For Jamie Foxx, Project Power (2020) is a one-man show of him, I thought he is a villain in the starting but the truth is he is a hero of this film, there is no that much superpower scenes for him, but that is also little bit balanced in the climax, but not much the expectation about that character.

Joseph Gorden Levitt hikes the whole story as a second hero, though he is a second hero, he has more good superpower scenes compare to Jamie Foxx.

Dominique Fishback just wasted supporting role with poor rap scenes, I think her role is just wasted by poor rap songs and their music is also not much remarkable one.

What’s not there in this film?.

The first negative of this film is, there is nothing new from other superhero films, it is just an old concept that grinded many times in many Hollywood films.

Next is, the cliche-ridden script there is no that much superpowers scenes for the hero, even the side characters have good superpowers scenes.

Their dubbing works also a bad, it is totally not sinking with poor irritating rap songs.

Star performance:

It fits Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gorden Levitt.

Because of their average performance.


The hero was a military soldier, he was tested by some villain scientists to make the soldiers like a superhero but many of them were dead except the hero.

Hero also escaped from that research by killing the villain gangs, but after many years they also came to know that hero’s daughter also got that power from hero so they kidnapped her to formulate the pill that contains superpowers for 5mins.

They also started to test on innocent people who use drugs, so the second hero a cop started to stop that crime committed by those people who used drugs.

The climax is how the second hero helped the first hero to get his daughter.


It is an average superhero film based on the same old concept, watch this only if you like to watch superhero films.


Project Power (2020) rating:

3/5 – Still have been nicer (by Movie Laundry).

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