"Spider-Man: No Way Home”Is a box office success and fans of the arachnid hero are delighted with the surprises in the third film in the series starring Tom Holland. Obviously, they have already analyzed every detail of the tape to find clues about the future of the MCU, but the fun facts are not limited to the final footage

J. Jonah Jameson reappeared at the end of "Spider-Man: Far Frome Home"But had more prominence in" No Way Home. " Despite JK Simmons and Tom Holland they did not meet on the recording set.

TOM HOLLAND DID NOT TRUST THE SCRIPT When the protagonist of "Spider-Man: No Way Home"He read the script and was amazed, however, he did not believe that he believed it could be carried out. In fact, he was amazed at the end result.

THE RETURN OF THE SPIDEYS AND THE VILLAINS Kevin Feige said that it was very difficult to convince Andrew Garfield , Tobey Maguire and all the actors who play the villains to return to the franchise without reading a word of the script.

THE CONDITIONS OF WILLEM DAFOE In an interview on Spider-Man's official YouTube page, Dafoe revealed what it took to convince him to return to the franchise. According to Dafoe, what really drew him back for the film was his character twist. But it was really the argument. And, like Jamie, I know Amy's story. She walked me through it, and then Jon, the director, came up with the whole idea before I read a script and it sounded like a lot of fun and a good solution. And then when we delved into it, I liked the idea that I was going back to something that was the same but different. "

TOM HOLLAND'S JOKES TO THE PRODUCERS Holland led producer Mitch Bell to believe that a bottle of lube was hand sanitizer. He also played the same joke on an arm operator.

THE MUSTACHE OF JK SIMMONS Simmons said he had to fight with the studio to maintain his mustache so that his character would maintain his appearance in the new Spider-Man movie.

MARISA TOMEI RUINED THE END FOR HER THERAPIST Marisa Tomei said that the stress of keeping the secrets of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”It was too much, so he told his therapist, who could not reveal anything due to doctor / patient confidentiality.

MARVEL PROMISED JAMIE FOXX IT WOULDN'T BE BLUE According to Sony producer Pascal, one of Jamie Foxx's conditions for joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe was for Electro to be blue.

JAMIE FOXX ORGANIZED A DANCE PARTY AT THE SET Zendaya said that after spending a few days off, she walked on set and found Foxx throwing a dance party.

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