While crime and thriller were dominant genres in acclaimed international web series this year, Indian web series explored a gamut of topics ranging from relatable familial values in ‘Gullak’, political drama in ‘Bombay Begums’, IIT-aspirants in ‘Kota Factory’ and the dystopian future in ‘OK Computer’.

Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) , a middle-class family man deftly juggles household chores and finding terrorists. A senior officer in the National Intelligence Agency, Srikant finds himself having to constantly balance his unsettled life, as threats to the country make themselves known.

‘The Family Man’ Season 2

After her husband’s murder, Aarya (Sushmita Sen) (pictured above) embraced her family origins and became a mafia queen to protect her children. She faced her enemies and escaped with her kids but is forced to return to India as her enemies try to corner her.

‘Aarya’ Season 2

‘Kota Factory’ Season 2

Season two of this popular show sees Vaibhav (Mayur More) and his friends navigating their way through the world of competitive academics. Vaibhav joins Maheshwari Classes and struggles to keep up with demands of the coaching centre and his IIT-JEE preparations

‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’

A fictional recreation of the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks, the show follows the doctors, nurses and staff members of Bombay General Hospital as they negotiate with life, death and terrorists

Another show churned out by TVF was the second installment of Gullak. It beautifully captures the quirks of a typical Indian middle-class family. If you haven't watched this gem already, it's never too late!

‘Gullak’ Season 2


Even though the TVF series was constantly compared to Kota Factory, it managed to claim its position as one of the finest web-series in 2021. The shows that revolves around UPSC aspirants and their struggles became an instant hit.

‘Special Ops’ 1.5

Aptly called “The Himmat Story”, Special Ops 1.5 brings to light Himmat Singh’s early days as a young and idealistic RAW agent, whose theory about the 2001 Parliament attacks held the key to solving a mystery.


Satyajit Ray’s best stories, from satire to thriller, are fleshed out in this Netflix anthology with the help of a stellar cast.

Little Things Season 4

The show came to an end with its fourth season. They continued to show love more realistically than we had ever seen before but with more exceptionally written characters.


The family drama, unlike any other, is a must-watch for the gripping storyline, outstanding performances and originality. Veterans such as Pavan Malhotra and Supriya Pathak Shah deliver, as expected, but the newcomers ably support the leads. Tabbar is the edge-of-the-seat thriller Bollywood couldn’t give us.

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